Tuesday, February 11, 2020

SUMMARY AND problem solution Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

SUMMARY AND problem solution - Essay Example In the news and through YouTube images, we are witnesses to how texting while driving has become a dangerous habit. We see how it endangers the life of the driver, the passengers, pedestrians, and other drivers as well. Images from YouTube have managed to send the message across to many drivers and texters out there – that even the shortest period of time taken to text can lead to disastrous consequences (Andrzejczyk, p. 1). These images show very bluntly and graphically how violators who are caught in the act have exposed themselves to life-threatening conditions. They have also managed to serve as fitting examples of what can happen to people who text while driving and for people to somehow learn from the experience and to be deterred from adopting or from repeating the practice (Andrzejczyk, p. 2). However, many of these texters still claim that they cannot seem to stop themselves from texting and from texting while driving. This is another danger of texting while driving à ¢â‚¬â€œ that its practice in the hands of an obsessive compulsive personality makes for a dangerous combination on the road (Andrzejczyk, p. 1). A psychological factor which contributes to the problem of texting while driving can be attributed to a person’s need to socially and physically connect and communicate with others. The cell phone fulfills this need, more than any other technology; hence, its great popularity all over the world (Andrzejczyk, p. 4). The need to connect with other people is a need which is easily fulfilled by cell phones anytime anywhere. It is therefore easily understood why most users of the cell phone and of texting are teenagers because their need to communicate with other people is a top priority in their life (Andrzejczyk, p. 4). The psychological need of belongingness and of kinship with peers fuels the problem of texting while driving; and such need is often easily and conveniently filled by

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